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Moving an Upright Piano? How to Get It Ready

Moving can be stressful, especially when it comes to moving large things. If you have an upright piano that you want to move, you need to be careful. This is because if the piano is not moved correctly, it will get damaged.

To prevent any damage, read the below information on how to get the piano ready to move and hire a piano moving service to move it for you.

Get the Piano Ready

There are things that you will need to have before you get started in moving your piano.  One of the main things to have is moving blankets. This will ensure your piano is well protected.  Blankets that are made for moving are important as they are much thicker than standard blankets that you have in your home. 

Purchase moving tape, also. You will need a lot of it. This is because the tape is what secures the moving blankets on your piano. 

Place blankets over the piano keys and the piano pedals also to protect them. If the keys have a cover that you can put over them, make sure the cover is secured with tape. 

Hire a Piano Moving Service

Once your piano is prepared properly, it is time to move it. Because this can be difficult to do, you should consider hiring a piano moving service. They can also get the piano ready for you if you prefer. It may save you some money, however, if you do the above steps on your own before they arrive.

The company will use a dolly to move the piano. They will contact you before they arrive to determine the type of piano you have. This way, they can make sure the dolly they bring with them can handle the weight. 

Before the moving company starts, they will likely come to your home and measure the piano before measuring the doorways and hallways the piano will have to go through. This will ensure the piano will fit through these openings. The company may also need to move furniture that may be in the way. This way, they will have a clear path to move the piano out of your home. 

At the end of the journey, the piano moving service will be able to get your piano into your new home following a similar process.

A piano moving service, like Christofferson Moving & Storage, can give you much more information about moving your piano.