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3 Things To Look For In An Emergency Breakfast Cereal

If you're planning an emergency food supply, then it's important to remember to add a breakfast option. A portion of cereal or granola sets you up for the day, giving you a balanced mix of nutrients. Even if you don't have shelf-stable milk, you can use these products with water; you can even eat them dry, so they also work as a snack.

Before you order breakfast food for storage, do a little research to find the right features. What do you need to look for?

1. Cereal Variety

Emergency food fuels your body. However, this doesn't mean that you have to buy one type of food and live with it. Even if you buy your favorite breakfast cereal, you'll get pretty bored with it if you have to eat it day after day for a while. Your family might not like the same things, in which case some variety helps.

For example, if you buy a large container of an emergency breakfast cereal, then look for products that contain different mixes. You can buy mixed buckets that contain a split of multi-grain cereals and granola pouches in different flavors. You get some variety, and everyone in your family should find a flavor they like.

2. Portion Pouches

If you buy a container full of loose cereal, then the cereal starts to lose its freshness once you open it. It might start to lose its fresh taste and appeal even though it stays edible. If you use the container for a few days when you need to use emergency supplies, then you also have to decide what to do with the rest of the cereal when things go back to normal. The cereal might not last until the next emergency.

So, look for containers that portion the cereal up into individual pouches. Some emergency breakfasts come in single portions; other pouches contain multiple servings, say for two or four people. Pouches keep things fresh so that your remaining cereal will be ready for another time.

3. Long Life Options

You can never exactly predict if or when you'll need to eat emergency food. If you do need to crack open supplies, you need them to be edible and in good shape.

So, look for long shelf-life dates. These dates should cover years, not months. A longer date also allows you to save money by buying bulk containers, such as 120 servings emergency breakfast tubs, as you know that the contents will last for years.

To find out more, contact emergency food suppliers.