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Myths About Installing Residential Water Wells

Water wells are able to provide homes in fairly isolated or rural areas with a stable and reliable source fo drinkable water. While the strategy of digging wells is ancient, modern technology has dramatically changed the way that this work is done. However, people still believe these old myths about residential wells. 

Myth: Residential Water Wells Are Always Shallow

Homeowners will often assume that a water well for a residential property will always be significantly more shallow than those needed for industrial or commercial properties. However, this is not the case, as the depth where the water is located can vary significantly based on the terrain and location of the underground water source. As a result, it can be necessary for a residential water well to have to be drilled extremely deep before it will be able to tap into a subterranean water source. In fact, there are some properties that may not even have an underground water source that you will be able to tap into for your home. For these homes, it may be necessary to arrange for water deliveries to be made so that the house will be supplied with drinkable water.

Myth: It Is Not Possible To Improve The Quality Of The Water From A Residential Well

The water from a well is often of a somewhat lower quality than what comes from utility companies. As a result, some individuals may find that they do not particularly like using the water from a well. For these individuals, there are steps to filter and purify the water that is coming from the well so that you can enjoy a much higher quality of water for your home. These filtration and purification systems will not make the system more difficult to use or increase the maintenance that it will need.

Myth: Erosion Is Not A Major Problems For A Residential Water Well

Erosion has the potential to cause extensive damage to a well system. Homeowners may assume that this is not a major problem, as the well shaft will keep the well stable. While the shaft can significantly increase the stability of the well, it will not be invulnerable to the effects of erosion. Without the soil around the shaft to help stabilize it, it may become unstable. Furthermore, it can suffer damage depending on the way the soil has eroded. For example, if the soil has largely eroded from one side of the well, the weight of the soil from the other side could damage the metal or concrete shaft.

To have your concerns addressed, work with local water well drilling services