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Hello, my name is Jolene Cormen. Welcome to my website about business equipment. On my site, I hope to explore all of the different types of equipment used by companies in every industry. I developed an interest in business equipment while helping with the family company at a young age. Since then, I have spent all my free time learning about business equipment and sharing the information I discover. Please feel free to drop by daily to learn all you can about this fascinating topic. I will post regularly to keep you updated on the latest developments in the business world.


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Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs: Why They're A Hot Item Right Now

You have probably never heard of Boucherouite Moroccan rugs, and that really would not be a surprise. They have been a quietly kept craft in Morocco for centuries, and they have held no marketable value until just recently. That is because these rugs have been made by impoverished Moroccan women for the sole purpose of decorating their homes and keeping the dirt floors covered.

The rugs are woven from any sort of scrap material these women can find, which is why they have been devalued for so long. Because they are not made of fine silk thread or woven from the finest fibers dyed in the richest colors, shopkeepers in Morocco would not dare to show or sell them. That is changing in a very big way. They are quickly gaining value with incredible speed the globe over, and the older the rug, the more value it has, especially from archaeological and historical standpoints. Here is why these rugs are a hot buy right now. 

Absolutely No Two Rugs Are Alike

These rugs are nothing like Persian or Chinese rugs because no two rugs are exactly alike. You cannot go online to an ordering site and put two exact rugs in your virtual cart because they do not exist. These Moroccan women take what they have, not what they can buy, and hand-weave the rugs in their homes. They have zero designs in mind ahead of time, and they do not weave according to any previous designs made. No alterations or substitutions are made, because that is not how these rugs are made. When a rug is stamped "SOLD!", you have lost your chance to buy that rug, and you will never find another even remotely like it. 

They Appeal to People Who Love Recycling, Saving the Earth, and Green Practices

The women weaving the rugs recycle clothes that the family can no longer wear. They recycle nylon threads and bits of rope or fabric cords. They literally reuse everything to make a single rug, and if they do not have enough scraps laying around, a rug may sit on their looms for a couple of years or more until they have more items to shred into scraps. They generally don't go buy new pieces of cloth for the sole purpose of rug making, so they must wait until a family member wears out his/her clothes before there is more material for their rugs. That is what makes these rugs so appealing to people who recycle, love saving the earth, and green practices. 

The Money from One Sold Rug Feeds a Family for Weeks or Months

When you buy one of these original creations, the money supports the family of the woman who wove the rug. The money may feed her family for a few weeks, or feed a smaller family for a month or more. You are not just buying art, you are saving lives.