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Moving But Have A Gap Of Time Before You Can Move Into Your New Space? What To Know To Save

Moving can come with a lot of problems and concerns, and if you have a gap of time between when you get into the new place you will be living, but have to be out of the old, there are things to take into consideration. You want to find the right type of rental truck, and possibly storage option, for your upcoming move to go smooth. Here are some of the things to ask about when you start calling around to moving companies, and when you are comparing costs.

Long Term Rental

You have to find a rental truck that you can possess for a couple of weeks, maybe even up to a month, to help deal with your dilemma. This way you can load up all of the belongings that have to make the move, and then they can sit in the truck until you are ready to set out towards your new destination, or until you have the go ahead to move into your new space.

Have a Place to Store the Truck

Do you have a safe place to store the truck? The moving company may allow you to store the moving truck at their facility, which would be beneficial if it has fencing and is a safe option. Talk with the moving company about their storage options or what the recommend. If not, someone's driveway, or where you live may have to do. Ask what locking options are installed on the back of the truck.

Storage Pod Drop Off

There are companies that will come to your home and drop of a large storage unit. You fill the unit and then the company can pick it up and take it back to their storage facility. After you are ready, they will drop the unit back at your new space, where you empty it. This unit is lifted and hauled around on a truck. Talk with the rental moving companies about these options.

If you are worried you don't want to lease a storage unit for the short amount of time while you have to wait to get into your new living space, but after you have to be out of where you are living, these are all options. It will be more affordable and less hassle to find truck that you can use for a few weeks' time, such as from Elite Truck Rental, or a unit that is moved around and stored.