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Which Home Insulation Option Is Best?

You may not believe this, but there is actually an answer to this question. The building scientists have been pretty busy over the past three decades. During this time, they made one of the most important discoveries, and that is that it is very easy for our homes to leak. The air passes straight through them, taking the air and heat conditioning with it.

Cracks, gaps, and holes can cause an average home to lose over 30% of its air or heat conditioning. And this is especially noticeable during the winter, when the days are cold.

Only One Kind of Insulation Can Create an Air-Tight Seal

Saving money on your energy bills can actually be very simple. You just need to keep the air that you have paid to cool or heat inside of your house. Even though this sounds pretty simple, there is actually only a small number of ways you can do it. However, if you want a closely fitting seal in the walls, floors, and ceilings, then there is only one kind of insulation that can help you.

This insulation is known all around the globe as spray foam insulation, and it really is the best kind of insulation there is. There are two types of spray foam, each with its own special applications and characteristics.

A Closed-Cell Spray Foam

The cells in this type of spray foam are packed in closely. This spray foam doesn't allow air to pass through, making it a great insulation choice.

An Open-Cell Spray Foam

This is the least expensive spray foam option that is known to mankind. It is called an open-cell spray foam because the bubbles never really completely close. This type of spray foam is much softer than a closed-cell spray foam. This is because of the broken bubbles, which let the water easily pass through them. However, it is still a good solution when it comes to filling around pipes, wires, and other obstacles, even if its insulating power is only R-3.5 per inch.

The Best Insulation Can Be Expensive

Knowing the difference between the different types of spray foam is very important because the insulation services can be expensive. The main reason for this is because the open-cell spray foam is a lot less expensive than its closed-cell counterpart.

If you are not sure which one to use, your contractor may help you decide. It is even possible to combine both types if that can help you reach your budget. Contact a company, like Federal Conservation Corp., for more help.